My Story about Restoring Wellness Co:


Stacy Clark’s journey in the Physical Therapy field spans over two decades, a period during which she has gained profound insights into the complex nature of pain. Her experience has taught her that the causes of discomfort extend far beyond the physical, musculoskeletal realm, prompting her to adopt a more holistic approach to healing.


Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods alone, Stacy has seamlessly integrated her expertise as a Nutritional and Wellness coach into her practice. This dual focus allows her to offer comprehensive guidance on how dietary choices can significantly influence one’s overall well-being.


The turning point in Stacy’s career came when she discovered the all-natural, therapeutic potential of CBD. Motivated by a desire to offer a clean, effective alternative to conventional treatments, she embarked on a mission to create a premium product line. Her goal was clear: to harness the myriad benefits of CBD in a way that supports health naturally, without compromise.


Today, Stacy is dedicated to helping individuals not just orthopedically and nutritionally, but in achieving their best selves through the most natural, safe, and pure means available. Her commitment to holistic health is a testament to her belief that true wellness encompasses both the body and the mind, a philosophy that she passionately shares with those she serves.


If you’re navigating the challenges of ailments and seeking a natural, effective solution, we invite you to experience the healing potential of our CBD products. Let Stacy Clark’s expertise and Restoring Wellness Co’s commitment to purity guide you towards a healthier, more balanced life. Discover a path to your best self—try our CBD solutions today.